Vietnamese man dies after eating dog poison disguised as candy

By VnExpress   December 8, 2016 | 05:00 pm PT
The victim's brother found him foaming at the mouth and convulsing violently in front of his home.

A 53-year-old man was found dying in front of his home in Vietnam's Central Highlands on Sunday after reportedly eating dog poison in the mistaken belief that it was a lollipop.

Local police officers identified the victim later as Pham Duy Thanh, 53, living in the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong.

The victim’s younger brother said Thanh found two "lollipops" while he was sweeping the front yard.

“When my six-year-old grandson and I dropped by my brother’s house on Sunday morning, Thanh offered the boy what looked like candy on a stick," said Pham Duy Do, the brother, "but I didn’t let my grandson try it because candy is not good for children in the morning.” 

“I didn't have any inkling that it was dog poison as I'd never seen anything like it before,” Do said.

Do then asked his brother to keep an eye on the six-year-old boy while he went out for a cup of coffee.

He returned home later only to find his brother lying in the front yard, foaming at the mouth and convulsing violently. He was rushed to hospital but died 15 minutes later despite doctors' efforts.

Local police confirmed that the victim had died from eating dog poison that he may have mistaken for a lollipop.

“The deadly poison is made to look like candy on a stick. Dog thieves often use the poison to steal household pets,” said local police chief Le Van Lich.

Many local people have recently reported the poisonous sticks in their yards, he added

The victim’s family has declined an autopsy, claiming that the cause of death was already apparent, the police chief added.

Two years ago, a similar case happened in the same residential area when a two-year-old died from eating dog poison in belief that it was candy.

It is estimated that up to 5 million dogs are eaten each year in Vietnam.

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