Vietnamese government car causes chaos in Saigon

By VnExpress   September 19, 2016 | 01:15 am PT
Vietnamese government car causes chaos in Saigon
Screen shots from an online video shows angry people stop a public blue-plate car in Ho Chi Minh City for driving on the wrong direction on September 15.
The car collided and damaged at least one car that day, with the driver seemingly drunk.

A SUV carrying the official government blue license plates caused chaos in Ho Chi Minh City last week. In the midst of heavy traffic, the driver decided to go down the wrong way of a dual carriageway, leading to outrage among fellow commuters.

Police say they have traced the car to the General Customs Department in Hanoi.

A statement from the road traffic division in the city said the car was seen driving down the wrong side of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street on September 15, “causing a big mess and putting many travelers in danger”.

Police stepped in after a video was posted on social media, showing angry drivers arguing with the man in the government car and forcing him to stop. Some people in the video said the driver appeared to be drunk.

A traffic policeman was seen trying to clear the way for the car to continue down the wrong side of the road.

An investigation found the car had collided with at least one other car that day, and its registration had expired last April.

Le Xuan Hieu, a spokesman for the General Customs Department, confirmed that the car belonged to his unit.

Hieu said the violation was a one-off and “will be strictly dealt with”.

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