Vietnamese compound under attack from thieves in Ukraine

By Anh Ngoc   June 23, 2016 | 03:20 pm GMT+7
Three thieves used pepper spray to knock out a Vietnamese citizen living in residential compound known as Sen Village in Ukraine yesterday before taking his money and fleeing the scene, local newspaper nguoivietukraina reported.

The robbery happened at around noon local time at a Vietnamese apartment in the southern city of Odessa. The robbers, disguised as businessmen, convinced a woman named Thao to guide them to the home of a Vietnamese man named Trung. When they arrived, the robbers immediately used pepper spray to incapacitate Trung before beating him and stealing his cash.

After hearing the commotion, other Vietnamese living in the compound rushed to the scene and chased after the criminals.

Fortunately, local police were pursuing a Chinese person for a traffic offense at the time of the incident close to the compound, and quickly captured the robbers.


One of the three robbers who was captured by Ukrainian police. Photo by nguoivietukraina

Sen Village is a residential area with about 300 apartments, most of which are owned by Vietnamese people living in Odessa. Life in the area is considered quite turbulent while security is relatively loose. There are no security checks for visiting guests and most of the guards are old.

Robberies are common in Sen Village, and thieves have been known to break down apartment doors in broad daylight. The current security situation is a major concern for the Vietnamese community living there.

In April, a robber broke into the home of a Vietnamese family and brutally beat a married couple before being subdued by their neighbors.

Ukranian police also conducted several raids on dozens of apartments in Sen Village as part of an investigation into illegal immigration in January and May.

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