Vietnamese bride in China swallows razor blades in suicide bid

By Hai Yen   June 15, 2016 | 04:43 am PT
A pregnant Vietnamese woman in China was hospitalized after swallowing razor blades on June 12.

Chinese social network QQ said that during a two hour operation, doctors removed 13 pieces of steel blades, some measuring up to three centimeters. She is out of critical condition but remains in hospital for further observation.

The reason behind her suicide attempt has yet to be identified.


13 pieces of razor blades were found in the Vietnamese woman's stomach. 

Her husband’s family testified that the woman bought the razor blades herself and swallowed them at around 3 p.m. of June 12. After detecting the incident, the family immediately took her to hospital.

A doctor said the woman was pregnant so she couldn't be anesthetized. Initially, she was extremely agitated and refused to cooperate with doctors. After being persuaded, she agreed to let them examine her abdomen.

The doctor added that if the blades had remained in her stomach, they could have cut into surrounding areas at just the slightest movement, threatening the patient’s life.

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