Vietnamese beaten to death outside Cambodian casino

By Phan Anh   August 26, 2022 | 11:23 pm PT
A Vietnamese national was beaten to death outside a Cambodian casino early Friday morning.

Local police said the victim, 34-year-old Vietnamese chef Duong Minteang, was beaten to death by a mob in Bavet Kandal Village of Bavet City, the Khmer Times reported.

Police said the murderers were also Vietnamese, but they have fled away.

Witnesses said Duong entered a pawn shop to get money to play at the casino at around 3 a.m. Four to five people followed Duong and talked with him, they added. The group then attacked Duong, leaving him to die on the sidewalk, they said.

Investigators are analyzing security camera footages to find the assailants.

Cambodia has recently reported cases of foreign workers illegally being held at casinos, forced to work in poor conditions and under the monitor of criminal gangs.

Earlier this month, a group of 42 Vietnamese escaped from a Cambodian casino in Kandal Province and tried to swim through the Binh Di River in An Giang to get back to Vietnam. 40 succeeded, one died in the process and one was recaptured by the casino. The captured person was later rescued by Cambodian authorities and would be repatriated to Vietnam.

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