Vietnamese-American swindled out of $139,000 by online lover

By Quoc Thang   August 25, 2022 | 11:14 pm PT
A Vietnamese national in the U.S. lost $139,000 trying to help his so-called online lover obtain a visa.

Police in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday said they were looking for Truong Thi Cam Nhung, 35, to launch an investigation into her allegedly obtaining property by fraud.

Doan, a 54-year-old Vietnamese national in the U.S., said he met Nhung through an online dating site. He fell in love with her and wanted to invite her to the U.S. for a meeting. Nhung said yes and tried to get a visa.

In March, Nhung said she would have a visa interview, but for the visa to be granted, would need a financial statement to prove her account has at least $39,000. Doan sent the money to Nhung.

At the end of the month, Nhung said she would need another $50,000 as "guaranteed property" and requested Doan to pay for it, promising she would return the money once she gets to the U.S. Doan complied.

But a few days later, Nhung said she had yet to receive the money, and requested Doan to send another $50,000 as soon as possible. Doan complied with her request, but this time, heard nothing from Nhung again.

Through his own investigation, Doan realized Nhung was not on the list of people looking to have a U.S. visa granted. So, he returned to Vietnam and requested a police investigation, through which he managed to gain back his $139,000.

Police said Nhung had run away and is nowhere to be found.

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