Vietnamese American manicurist killed as customer flees without paying

By Phan Anh   January 2, 2019 | 04:49 am PT
Vietnamese American manicurist killed as customer flees without paying
A Vietnamese manicurist in Las Vegas, U.S. was killed by a customer who was unable to pay $35 for her service on December 29, 2018. Photo by Shutterstock/Business stock
Las Vegas police said Monday they were searching for a woman who fatally ran over a manicurist she owed $35.

Fox News, which reported the incident Tuesday, said the unidentified customer, a white female in her 20s, had her credit card declined when she tried to pay after getting a manicure at the local Crystal Nails and Spa last Saturday.

The customer went back to her car, saying she would return with the payment, but tried to drive away, said Lt. Ray Spencer of the Las Vegas Police.

Manicurist Ngoc Nhu Nguyen, 51, who ran the spa with her boyfriend, ran in front of the car to try and stop the customer. She was hit and dragged 50 feet instead. Nguyen was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The female customer drove away.

The car that hit Nguyen was a rental car stolen about three weeks prior, Spencer said. It was later found abandoned at a nearby apartment complex.

Nguyen, also known as "Annie," was a Vietnamese refugee who raised three daughters on her own, and had moved to Las Vegas two years earlier, the report said, citing family members.

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