Vietnamese American man arrested for molesting 11-year-old girl

By Ngoc Truong   November 6, 2022 | 08:30 pm PT
Vietnamese American man arrested for molesting 11-year-old girl
Nguyen Mark is at a police station in Da Nang. Photo by VnExpress/Son Nam
A Vietnamese American man has been arrested after his girlfriend in Da Nang accused him of having sexual misconduct towards her 11-year-old daughter.

Police in Da Nang arrested Nguyen Mark, 64, on Sunday to investigate him for "molestation of a person under 16."

His arrest came five days after a woman in Da Nang's Thanh Khe District reported him to the police, claiming that he had abused her 11-year-old daughter when they all lived together in the city.

The woman became acquainted with Mark and started a romatic relationship with him in 2012, one year after she gave birth to her daughter.

Later she moved in with him at a house in Da Nang.

During the time they lived together, Mark took advantage of occasions when she was not home to sexually harass her daughter, the woman said.

She caught him in the act recently and found out from the girl that it had happened many times over the years.

She told the police that her daughter did not dare to tell her what happened as she was afraid that Mark would stop providing for them.

A person charged with molesting a person under 16 for purposes other than sexual intercourse or other sexual activities can be jailed for up to three years, and up to seven years if the crime is repeated, according to Vietnam's Penal Code.

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