Vietnam tops Asia-Pacific in workplace wellness, study finds

By VNA   April 9, 2024 | 03:45 pm PT
Workplace well-being is on an "upward trajectory" throughout Asia-Pacific, with Vietnam (65.09) leading the region, according to a recent study by Asia's largest mental health care company Intellect.

Other leading countries include Thailand (65.01), the Philippines (64.44), Malaysia (64.22), Singapore (63.98), Japan (63.77), China (63.61), and Indonesia (63.55).

Meanwhile, others such as India, Australia and the Republic of Korea are below average though there is potential for further development, the report found.

The study uncovered the strengths and areas of improvement of workforces across Asia-Pacific on both individual and organizational levels.

While individuals are self-aware, able to build workplace relationships, and likely to encourage workforce participation, they may need support with stress management, emotional regulation, and mental well-being. For organizations in these markets, organizational support is on the rise though companies may need support in implementing employee well-being programmes, Intellect noted.

The three sectors with the highest organizational health scores are healthcare and pharmaceuticals (67.48), government and nonprofit (66.81), and education (65.76). All of those are above the overall benchmark score of 63.85.

Other above-average industries include technology and telecommunications, professional services, and manufacturing, according to Intellect.

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