Vietnam to reelect top leaders in July

By Vo hai, Hoang Thuy, Vuong Anh   April 11, 2016 | 11:16 pm PT
Vietnam to reelect top leaders in July
General Secretary of the National Assembly Nguyen Hanh Phuc chairs the press conference on the conclusion of the 13th National Assembly's last meeting. : Giang Huy
Vietnam's National Assembly will reelect a number of leadership titles, including state president and prime minister in July after the country holds an election to select a new NA in May.

The 13th National Assembly (2011-2016) has just completed overseeing Vietnam’s transition to a new government through the appointment of 37 new officials. Originally, the selection of top positions and the new administration was scheduled for the first meeting of the 14th National Assembly in July after it is formed through an election in May.

However, Vietnam has put forward the process by three months due to the need to rearrange personnel after the Party National Congress in January. Deputy Chair of the NA Uong Chu Luu said that the recently elected officials were the result of the 13th NA’s election and approval.

“After the election of the 14th NA on May 22, we will oversee the personnel arrangements for state agencies again,” Luu said.

According to the Law on the Organization of the National Assembly, the following titles are required to be deputies of the NA: state president, vice president, prime minister, chair of the NA, deputy chair of the NA, member of the NA’s Standing Committee, chair of Ethnic Minority Affairs and chairs of NA committees.

If the new candidates who were elected by the 13th NA are confirmed by 14th NA in the election in May, they will hold their positions. Those who are not reelected will have to step down and the Party and State will appoint them to other positions.

Luu said that the top positions, including state president, prime minister, chair of the NA and chief judge, will take their oaths of office again following the results.

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