Vietnam to bring home citizens from Ukraine

By Doan Loan, Viet Tuan   March 4, 2022 | 07:50 pm PT
Vietnam to bring home citizens from Ukraine
Vietnamese people get ready to move out of Ukraine on March 2, 2022. Photo by Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The government has approved the repatriation of Vietnamese nationals from Ukraine as the conflict rages on in that country.

Special flights will be organized to bring them to Vietnam.

It is expected that 900 people who have fled to Poland, Romania and Moldova will return home first.

All returnees will be tested and isolated based on Covid-19 safety protocols.

On Friday Vietnam Airlines was granted permission to operate the first repatriation flight.

It is scheduled to leave Hanoi for Romania on Sunday and return on Monday.

Some 590 Vietnamese in Ukraine had either left for Romania or had made plans to leave, but only 430 of them wish to return to Vietnam from Romania, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

Another 750 have left Ukraine for Poland, but only 100 want to be repatriated with the rest preferring to go to a third country or return to Ukraine when the situation improves.

According to official statistics, there are around 7,000 Vietnamese in Ukraine, mainly in Kharkiv, Odessa and Kiev.

Russian forces have pounded Ukrainian cities including the capital Kyiv with artillery and cruise missiles for over a week now, and many parts of Ukraine are now in danger.

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