Vietnam to beef up aviation security during National Assembly elections

By Dam Tuan   May 19, 2016 | 11:33 pm PT
To ensure security at airports and on flights, Vietnam plans to step up surveillance and patrols while planning to deal with any potentially violent incidents.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAA) issued a directive on May 18 instructing its units to increase security measures from May 20 to 25 while the National Assembly elections are taking place.

According to the directive, airport authorities need to beef up patrols of restricted areas and surveillance in airports, while limiting entry to departure and arrival areas.


Vietnam will step up aviation security during the elections. Photo by Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam

Security and customs staff will strengthen procedures regarding interviews and documentation, while all passengers will need to take off their shoes and put their overcoats through X-ray machines.

Check-in luggage will be strictly monitored by cameras and aviation control staff, and visually examined before being loaded onto aircraft. Aircraft need to be under constant camera surveillance and parked in lit up areas at night.

Security staff and police will increase patrols of public areas and be on the look-out for abandoned luggage. Public and open spaces will also be under 24/7 camera surveillance to avoid violent crowds and gatherings.

Airport staff need to coordinate closely with local authorities, the police, military forces, customs and other relevant units to share information and deal with any eventuality to ultimately ensure security for passengers in airports and on flights.

If you see any issues or problems in Vietnam's airports or on flights, please contact the Civil Aviation Authority hotline: +84 916 5621 19.

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