Vietnam seizes trespassing Chinese vessel near Tonkin Gulf

By Giang Trinh, Vuong Anh    April 3, 2016 | 08:36 pm GMT+7
Vietnam seizes trespassing Chinese vessel near Tonkin Gulf
Chinese vessel no.13056 was towed to Hai Phong city for further investigation. Photo: Vietnam Border Defense

A Chinese oil tanker carrying more than 100,000 liters of smuggled fuel to resupply vessels fishing illegally in Vietnam’s waters has been pursued and seized by Vietnamese border guard near the Tonkin Gulf on Thursday.

The Border Defense Force of Hai Phong City announced that they have arrested a Chinese vessel carrying 100,000 liters of oil with three people onboard for trespassing on Vietnam’s territorial waters.

The Chinese oil tanker, numbered 13056, was discovered near Bach Long Vi Island in the Tonkin Gulf by a Vietnamese marine surveillance squad, which quickly pursuit and seized the ship as it was considered trespassing into Vietnam’s territory.

After seizing the oil tanker, the force towed it to the city.


Captain Dam Thuy Duong of Chinese vessel No. 13056 told Vietnamese authorities the vessel was carrying 100,000 liters of fuel from Hainan island, China to Chinese ships fishing illegally in Hai Phong sea. 

Through inspection, Vietnamese authorities discovered the oil tanker were carrying unregistered 100,000 liters of fuel and two crew members do not have job certificate.

The captain of the Chinese ship has admitted to the infringement of the sovereignty and the territorial waters of Vietnam, telling Vietnamese officials the ship was carrying fuel for Chinese fishing boats operating in Vietnamese waters.

On April 1, the vessel and its three Chinese crew members have been brought to stay in Bach Dang estuary while the Border Guard Force of Hai Phong City continues to investigate the incident.

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