Vietnam's new president pledges to make people's interests focal point of policymaking

By Viet Tuan, Son Ha   March 2, 2023 | 12:07 am PT
Vietnam's new president pledges to make people's interests focal point of policymaking
Vietnam's new president Vo Van Thuong (on stage) is sworn in at the National Assembly building in Hanoi, March 2, 2023. Photo by Pham Thang
Vietnam's newly elected President Vo Van Thuong on Thursday pledged to listen to the people and make their interests the focal point for policies.

"Whichever is good for the people must be done to the best of our abilities; whichever is not must be avoided," he said at the National Assembly in Hanoi as he was sworn in as Vietnam's youngest president in history, at 53.

In order for Vietnam to have a modern industry and average–to-high income, and to become a developed country by 2045, the principles of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh ideology must be utilized and developed for the goal of independence and socialism, he said.

Thuong pledged to continue the fight against corruption and to sustainably develop the principles and ideology, while also promoting innovation in the interests of the people and the country.

The new president said he appreciates and supports each and everyone's will to move forward, and that he will strive to create an environment for everyone, especially young people, to fairly and transparently gain access to opportunities for development and to contribute to the country.

Thuong pledged to protect Vietnam's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as maintain peace and stability for the sake of development, while also building a people's armed force that is strong in all aspects.

He said further that this will contribute to peace, cooperation and development of the region and the world, making Vietnam a trusted and responsible friend and partner to the international community.

Vietnam's new president is the country's top representative in both internal and external affairs, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Thuong is currently the youngest member of the Politburo, the country's highest decision-making body, and also the youngest standing member of the Party's Secretariat since 1976.

Thuong became president weeks after his predecessor Nguyen Xuan Phuc stepped down. Phuc left his presidential seat after nearly two years in the position.

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