Vietnam revolutionizing telecommunication in Africa: Discovery channel

By Thuy Lien   December 23, 2018 | 07:38 pm PT
Vietnam revolutionizing telecommunication in Africa: Discovery channel
Jordan Nguyen, a Vietnamese-Australian engineer, is the narrator in a Discovery documentary featuring Vietnam-led telecommunications development in East Africa. Photo courtesy of Red Bridge Production
A new documentary by the Discovery channel shows how Vietnam is carrying out a telecommunications revolution in East Africa.

The 24-minute documentary will air on Discovery Southeast Asia on December 27.

The documentary shows the role of Vietnamese companies in the ongoing telecommunications revolution in East Africa with 3G and 4G platforms as well as in connecting developed countries in the world.

Led by Jordan Nguyen, a Vietnamese-Australian inventor and engineer, the film explores each stage of telecommunications technology development, from infrastructure construction in Tanzania, to bringing mobile services to remote villages in Mozambique.

"The film honors the dexterity and sophistication of Vietnamese people, reflected in the story of the telecommunications industry and how this industry finds a place in developing countries," said Anna Pak Burdin, CEO of Discovery in Southeast Asia.

"Vietnam: Connecting East Africa" is the fifth documentary that Discovery has made about Vietnam, in addition to "Jam Busters" about traffic gridlock fighters, "Mr Long's Traveling Cinema," "A Thousand Year Hanoi" and "Digging Up the Dead," the last featuring a Vietnamese customs of moving or rebuilding tombs several years after burial to give the dead a better home.

The new documentary is a collaboration between Discovery Networks Asia Pacific and Vietnam’s Red Bridge Production Company. The film crew includes Ha Thuc Van, production director for filming in Vietnam and Emile Guertin, the director.

It premiered in Hanoi Thursday in a show organized by the producer and Discovery Channel.

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