Vietnam official detained for demanding sex with mother of missing child

By Hoang Viet   July 25, 2016 | 01:16 am PT
He masqueraded as the kidnapper in a twisted plot to take advantage of the distraught woman.

Police in Hanoi on Sunday arrested a transport official over allegations he hindered a kidnapping investigation and tried to blackmail the victim's mother into having sex with him.

According to Nguyen Thang Long, his four-year-old daughter Nguyen Minh Chau went missing on the morning of Friday while she was playing in front of their house in Hanoi's Long Bien District. The family reported the case to the district police and posted the details on social networks in an appeal for help.

On Saturday morning, Nguyen Quang Diep, an inspector at the transport department in Hanoi's neighboring Ha Nam Province, gave the mother a dropped call. After scores of failed attempts to call back by the mother, he finally answered, saying that if they wanted Chau back safely, the mother had to have sex with him. Diep then harassed both the parents with insulting messages.

He later admitted to police that after getting wind of the kidnapping on social networks, he had pretended to be the kidnapper to sexually blackmail the mother, despite knowing nothing of the child's whereabouts.

It's unclear whether the woman consented to the sexual exchange. The search for the child is ongoing.

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