Vietnam donates 5,000 tons of rice to Cuba

By Granma Cuba   June 19, 2016 | 06:14 pm PT
Vietnam donates 5,000 tons of rice to Cuba
The donation of 5,000 tons of rice further strengthens the bonds of friendship between Cuba and Vietnam. Photo by Anabel Díaz.
Vietnamese authorities donated 5,000 tons of rice to Cuba on June 16, following a pledge made last September by then President of Vietnam, Truong Tan Sang, during his visit to the island.

As noted during the presentation ceremony, which was held at the headquarters of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment (Mincex), the donation is a gift from the Vietnamese Communist Party, state, and people to the Cuban people.

Pham Phan Dung, head of the General Department of State Reserves of Vietnam, on behalf of the government, gave 5,000 tons of rice to the port of Santiago de Cuba.

Rigoberto Enoa Novo from Mincex Director of Trade Policy with Asia and Oceania expressed gratitude for this donation, adding that 5,000 tons of rice would be directed to increasing subsidized stocks of this important food for the Cuban population.

The Mincex official praised the joint collaboration plans between the two countries, with special mention for the Vietnamese project to produce rice on the island, which has already reached its fourth phase.

He noted that although trade between the two nations has seen modest growth, the range of Vietnamese imports has been diversified, with some products in very high demand by Cuban consumers due to their quality and value of the price.

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