Vietnam assures Ukraine it will support int'l humanitarian assistance

By Viet Anh   March 16, 2022 | 08:06 pm PT
Vietnam assures Ukraine it will support int'l humanitarian assistance
People in Mostyska, Ukraine, go to the Shehyni border crossing with Poland by foot and in cars on February 27 as Russian military operations continue. Photo by Reuters/Thomas Peter
Vietnam supports international efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to people in Ukraine, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son said Wednesday.

He was speaking with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba by telephone, according to a press release from the Vietnamese foreign ministry.

He expressed condolences for the loss of lives and property in the conflict.

It is now nearly three weeks since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine.

Son said Vietnam's consistent stance is that international disputes and disagreements should be resolved through peaceful means in compliance with the U.N. Charter and international law, especially the principle of respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of states.

He also repeated what he had told Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a call on Tuesday about Vietnam being a close traditional friend of both countries and so sincerely wishes they exercise restraint, reduce tensions and continue to talk to find a lasting solution in conformity with international law and taking into account their legitimate interests.

Vietnam is willing to join the international community in facilitating this process, he said.

Son also asked Ukraine to keep humanitarian corridors open and ensure the safety of civilians, including Vietnamese, and enable them to evacuate.

He agreed to work with Ukraine to resume exchanges and cooperation between the two countries once peace and stability are restored in the country.

Kuleba promised that Ukraine would make every effort to assist in the safe evacuation of Vietnamese from the war zone.

As of March 16 around 4,600 Vietnamese nationals had left Ukraine and reached neighboring countries. They include nearly 1,200 who have returned to Vietnam on rescue flights. Two more flights sponsored by a private company carrying 480 people are scheduled to arrive in Hanoi on March 17 and 19.

There were around 7,000 Vietnamese living in Ukraine, mainly in Kharkiv, Odessa and Kiev, when Russia began its "special military operation" in late February.

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