Vietnam airport security personnel fined for letting thugs assault woman worker

By Doan Loan   December 4, 2018 | 10:25 pm PT
Vietnam airport security personnel fined for letting thugs assault woman worker
A screenshot from an online video clip showed security staff at Tho Xuan Airport in the central Thanh Hoa Province attacked by a man.
Four security staff at a Thanh Hoa airport, who failed to protect a female airline employee from violent hooligans last month, have been fined.

Aviation authorities announced a VND4 million ($172) for each after an investigation found the guards at Tho Xuan Airport in the north central province had not immediately stepped in when three drunk men slapped and kicked the woman.

The victim was identified as Le Thi Giang of budget carrier Vietjet Air.

Tran Hoai Phuong, director of the Northern Airports Authority, said the four security personnel had been in charge of security screening and checks.

"Camera footage showed the security staff responded slowly and let the thugs severely assault the victim right under their noses," Phuong said.

On November 23, the three men, Pham Huu An, 28, Le Van Nhi, 41, and Le Trung Dung, 34, went to the airport to see off a friend.

After their friend checked in, the trio asked Giang to pose for a photo with them and she accepted.

When they asked her to pose once again, she declined saying she was busy.

They became angry and violent, slapping her, knocking her over and kicking her. A female airport official who tried to stop them was also slapped in the face.

It took armed airport security personnel to subdue the trio and hand them over to the police.

Their violence, captured on video by a witness, has sparked a public outcry after going viral, prompting top officials to step in.

The local police earlier announced they have opened criminal probe against the men for "disturbing public order" charges.

One of the trio is the son of a former district chief.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has slapped a one-year flight ban on them.

Vietjet, known as the bikini airline and owned by Vietnam's only female billionaire, has made no statements regarding the issue.

Low-cost carriers and the country’s increasing affluence have seen the rapid growth of the aviation industry. It served more than 53 million passengers in the first half of this year, up 14 percent from a year ago.

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