Video captures Saigon cabbie kicking foreigner for refusing to pay four times meter fee

By Staff reporters   October 15, 2017 | 07:21 pm PT
The latest in a string of incidents involving taxi drivers trying to overcharge foreigners.

A video posted on Facebook on Saturday shows a taxi driver in downtown Saigon kicking and pushing a foreign customer in what appears to be an argument about the ride fare.

Local media said the taxi was driving the foreign man to his hotel on Thi Sach Street in District 1 on Friday night. The meter read VND12,000 (53 cents) and the foreigner offered to pay VND20,000, but the driver demanded VND50,000, according to the person sharing the video.

The driver can be seen pushing and kicking the foreigner. The latter did not fight back but seemed to be demanding an explanation.

No report has officially confirmed the name of the taxi company. The foreigner has not been identified either.

Incidents of taxis overcharging foreigners have earned Vietnam a bad name.

Last month, police in the central resort town of Nha Trang launched a criminal investigation into a taxi driver after a group of Chinese tourists accused him of charging them over $260 for trip that cost less than $3.

In August, another taxi driver in Da Nang was fined for charging a South Korean $30 for a $2 journey.

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