Two new cases take Vietnam’s Covid-19 tally to 260

By Le Nga   April 12, 2020 | 04:02 am PT
Two new cases take Vietnam’s Covid-19 tally to 260
Medical staff in HCMC Hospital of Tropical Diseases take samples for Covid-19 tests. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran.
The Health Ministry confirmed two new Covid-19 cases Sunday evening, both from Hanoi’s Ha Loi Village, already isolated as a hotspot.

So far the village in Me Linh District has recorded eight Covid-19 cases.

"Patient 259" is the 41-year-old wife of "Patient 254." A horticulturist, she cultivates flowers and delivers it occasionally to the district's Lieu Tri Village and some other places. She also goes shopping often at the house of "Patient 250," the last time being March 25.

From April 3-6, she visited several places including the villages of Chua and Ao Sen to deliver flowers and do some shopping. In doing so, she came into contact with many people.

The last time she came into contact with her husband was on April 8, before he went for dialysis to the Hanoi Nephrology Hospital.

After her husband was confirmed Covid-19 positive on April 9, she went into quarantine the next day and her samples were taken for testing at the Hanoi Center for Preventive Medicine.

"Patient 260" is a 35-year-old woman who also grows flowers in Ha Loi. She did not travel a lot in the last two weeks, apart from going to the market and tending to the flowering plants in her garden every day.

On April 10, her samples were taken to the Hanoi Center for Preventive Medicine and a day later, the results showed she was positive for the novel coronavirus. She is being treated at National Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Hanoi.

Of the 260 Covid-19 patients confirmed so far in Vietnam, 144 have been discharged. 

The global death toll in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has reached more than 109,000 people.

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