Truck driver fined for obstructing ambulance

By Viet An   October 18, 2022 | 02:03 am PT
Truck driver fined for obstructing ambulance
Vu The Phuong, 44, works with a traffic police officer after driving a truck past an ambulance and not allowing it to get ahead in Tuyen Quang, October 17, 2022. Photo courtesy of the police
A man in northern Vietnam had his truck seized and was fined VND20 million ($819.25) for obstructing an ambulance en route to hospital for over four kilometers.

At 5:30 p.m. Monday, an ambulance of northern Vietnam’s Tuyen Quang Province general hospital was transporting a patient suffering from a ruptured liver and pleural effusion after being rammed by an ox to another hospital in Hanoi.

But on the journey, a medic said a truck driver obstructed the ambulance, refusing to let it pass for over four kilometers on National Highway 2C in Son Duong District.

A truck obstructing an ambulance in Tuyen Quang, October 17, 2022. Video by Bao Nam Nguyen

The medic decided to capture the incident on camera and reported it to the police.

Thanks to the footage, police apprehended truck driver Vu The Phuong, a 44-year-old local, who admitted to having obstructed the ambulance. He was subsequently fined Vand had his truck seized for not moving out of the way of a priority vehicle, and for not having a driving license.

The patient was eventually taken to Viet Duc Hospital and underwent surgery. Her health is being monitored in the ICU.

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