Man stabs police officer to 'avenge' drunk-driving check

By Gia Chinh   May 16, 2023 | 07:37 pm PT
Man stabs police officer to 'avenge' drunk-driving check
Traffic police take down Nguyen Van Minh after he stabs a police officer after being stopped for a DUI test in Bac Kan Province, May 15, 2023. Photo by police
A police officer is in critical condition after being stabbed by a 69-year-old man he stopped for drunk driving in northern Vietnam.

Traffic police officers in Bac Kan Province stopped motorcyclist Nguyen Van Minh on Monday night at a DUI checkpoint.

Minh was found to have an alcohol level of 0.943mg/l in his breath.

The officers ordered him off the motorbike and he complied, but suddenly fled the scene.

He returned to the spot 10 minutes later and was carrying a knife. He approached Major Duong Xuan Kiem, who was filling up the report, and stabbed him on his right side.

Other officers overpowered and arrested him.

He told the police later he "was upset at the DUI check and wanted revenge."

Kiem was rushed to the Bac Kan Province General Hospital, but since his condition was too critical he was transferred to the Thai Nguyen National Hospital in neighboring Thai Nguyen Province.

He is still under treatment at the hospital.

In accordance with Vietnamese law, anyone driving with alcohol present in their body faces either a fine or criminal charges.

Under current regulations, alcohol concentration of more than 80mg/100 ml of blood or 0.4mg/l of breath attracts the highest fines of VND30-VND40 million ($1,293-$1,724). Drunk driving only results in criminal prosecution when it causes accidents or other consequences.

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