Hanoi tractor-trailer violates speed limit 2,500 times in three months

By Gia Chinh   June 10, 2024 | 12:33 am PT
A tractor-trailer registered in Hanoi violated the speed limit almost 2,500 times during the first quarter of this year.

In January, the vehicle with license plate 36H 03574, operated by Do Thanh Transport Cooperative, traveled over 9,000 km and exceeded the speed limit in more than 1,100 occasions, committing one violation for every 9 km on average, according to the Hanoi Department of Transport.

In February, it traveled over 4,300 km and violated the speed limit in 365 incidents; in March, it covered over 13,000 km and violated nearly 970 times.

The vehicle did not cause any accidents.

The data was extracted from the processing system using data from the journey monitoring device of the Department for Roads of Vietnam under the Ministry of Transport.

In the first three months of the year, nearly 3,900 vehicles had their permits and badges revoked due to having over five speed violations per 1,000 km in a month. Many passenger buses also violated speed limits 20-80 times per month.

Transport cooperatives such as Do Thanh, Dai Lam, Dong Nam, and Truong Hai had dozens of vehicles violating the speed limit every month.

The monitoring devices, implemented by the Vietnam Road Administration, manage vehicle information such as speed, travel time, and passenger drop-off points. Through these devices, the administration will coordinate with inspectors and traffic police to handle violations.

As regulated, fines range from VND800,000 to VND1 million (US$31.47-39.34) for drivers exceeding the speed limit by 5-10 km/h, VND4-6 million for exceeding by 10-20 km/h, and a suspension of the driver's license for 1-3 months.

For those exceeding the speed limit by 30-35 km/h, the driver will be fined VND6-8 million and have their license suspended for two-four months.

The fine is VND10-12 million, and the license suspension for two-four months, if drivers exceed the limit by 35 km/h.

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