Traffic left paralyzed for hours on roads to Saigon airport

By Duy Tran   July 20, 2017 | 05:49 pm GMT+7

Different day, same story: Make sure you leave early for a chance of making your flight on time.


Vehicles were sandwiched side by side and moving at a snail’s pace on all major streets leading to Tan Son Nhat Airport from morning to noon on Thursday.


Truong Son Street looked like a parking lot with motorbikes and cars stretching back for 2 kilometers.


An overpass aimed at solving the chronic congestion is nearly complete, but for now it seems it's traffic as usual.


These passengers got out of their cabs because walking seemed like the faster option.


“It took me 40 minutes to carry a passenger from Go Vap to Tan Binh District, a section that should take only 10 minutes,” a Grab bike driver named Nam said.


The serious congestion affected other streets nearby. This was Hoang Van Thu this morning.


These officers had a busy morning.


The city has been trying to tackle traffic around Tan Son Nhat Airport by opening Hong Ha Street and building an overpass leading to the airport, but it seem a lot more needs to be done.

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