This is why riding a bus in Hanoi is never boring

By La Van Thuan   February 24, 2017 | 02:42 am PT
Passengers on a broken-down bus jumped out and pushed it down a narrow street.

Around ten students traveling on a public bus in Hanoi jumped out and pushed it across a narrow street after it broke down on Wednesday night.

The bus broke down on a street which has been partly fenced off for the construction of a new metro line.

The driver assistant stepped down and pushed from the rear of the vehicle while the college students helped from the side, as shown in a video sent to VnExpress by La Van Thuan.

The bus was quickly moved off the street cleared from the street quickly, saving it from heavy congestion.

Hanoi suffers from heavy congestion in a city with more than 5.5 million personal vehicles on the road, including more than five million motorcycles.

Construction of new roads, aimed at fixing the problem, has been making matters worse.

The capital has even offered a $200,000 prize for the best idea to ease traffic in the city.

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