Thieves pinch valuable Buddha statue in northern Vietnam

By Giang Chinh   October 1, 2016 | 08:34 pm PT
This is the second time the 2.8 meter-high statue has been stolen.

A statue of Buddha with 1,113 hands and 1,113 eyes was stolen from Me So Pagoda in Van Giang District in the northern province of Hung Yen on September 29.

Local police have launched an investigation into the case.

Images from a security camera showed that the statue on the second floor of the pagoda was nabbed at 1:00 a.m. by a group of 4-5 thieves, who acted like professionals.

One of them used a piece of cloth to cover the camera while the others managed to carry the statue to a car that was parked outside.

The statue, which is 2.8 meters high, was also stolen in 1988 but later found by police.

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