Thai couple hail Taiwan's police after lost ring found

By Minh Nga   February 28, 2024 | 07:14 pm PT
A Thai couple have praised Taiwan's police who assisted them in finding a wedding ring lost on a bus trip.

The couple, who was in Taiwan for their honeymoon, reported the lost wedding ring to the Jizhong Police Station in Taichung City on Feb. 24, as they needed to return home within three days due to a family matter, the Liberty Times reported.

They could not find the ring after taking a bus journey to Nantou City, over 50 km away.

Surveillance footage reviewed by the police showed the ring was lost when the wife, attempting to apply hand cream and waiting for a car to take them to the bus station, placed her two rings including her wedding ring on her suitcase and inadvertently left them behind.

An older couple discovered the rings on the ground and handed them over to the police, according to Taiwan News.

A Thai woman shows her wedding ring, which was lost and found, as she poses for a photos with the police. Photo by Taichung Police Department

A Thai woman shows her wedding ring, which was lost and found in Taiwan, as she poses for photos at a police station. Photo by Taichung Police Department

As the couple came back to the police station to receive the rings, they reportedly expressed thanks to the police and took photos with the officer who had assisted them.

They said the experience left them with "fond memories" of Taiwan.

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