Teenager caught robbing French tourists in HCMC

By Quoc Thang   March 26, 2020 | 12:00 am PT
Police intervened just in time as a French couple was being robbed at knifepoint in downtown Ho Chi Minh City Wednesday.
A police officer seizes Tran Quoc Thinh while another shows the phone he snatches from the French couple standing at the scene in HCMCs District 1. Photo by the police.

A police officer holds Tran Quoc Thinh as another shows the phone he snatched from the French couple (standing) in HCMC's District 1, March 25, 2020. Photo courtesy of HCMC police.

The robber, Trinh Quoc Thinh, 16, snatched the phone from the Frenchwoman after following them during their walk along the September 23rd Park in District 1.

The husband caught and seized Thinh's arm, at which point Thinh brandished a knife threateningly.

As he was about to run away, police officers of the 363 team showed up and took him down. The team is in charge of patrolling the district around the clock.

Thinh has been detained for "property robbery," a charge that could fetch him a jail term of one to five years.

The knife Thinh uses to threaten the French couple, put next to his hat. Photo by the police

The knife Trinh Quoc Thinh used to threaten the French couple, put next to his hat. Photo by HCMC police.

HCMC received 8.5 million foreign visitors last year, up 14 percent against 2018.

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