Teacher's brutality leaves 9-year-olds with bruises on backside

By Giang Chinh   January 26, 2022 | 11:30 pm PT
Three third-graders in the northern Hai Phong City were mercilessly beaten by a teacher, causing bruises all over their buttock, for failing to do their homework.

The boys' families posted the information along with photos of their injuries on social media on Wednesday, causing public outrage.

The boys are classmates at Ngu Doan Primary School in Kien Thuy District.

On Monday they failed to do their homework, and Vu Thi Hoai, 24, decided to cane them using a wooden ruler.

Outrageously, she later told authorities she did not thrash the boys herself but made other children in the class do it.

After the beating, the nine-year-olds could not sit and refused to get back to school out of fear, the Facebook post said. (Disturbing image)

Le Cong Thiep, head of the district Department of Education and Training, confirmed the incident, saying the school had reported it.

Hoai has also submitted an explanation.

Thiep said: "The three children are now physically recovered and their families are discussing the issue with the school.

"[We] will decide what to do with Hoai once authorities [investigate and come to] a conclusion. If she beat the children herself, she will be dismissed. Otherwise, she will be reprimanded."

She is now under suspension.

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