Taiwanese firm resumes operations after months of Covid suspension

By Phan Anh   March 19, 2021 | 04:00 am PT
Taiwanese firm resumes operations after months of Covid suspension
Vietnam Poyun Electronics Co., Ltd. in Hai Duong Province is closed and turned into a quarantine camp after many workers tested positive for Covid-19, February 2021. Photo by VnExpress/The Quynh.
A Hai Duong industrial area including a Taiwanese firm where hundreds of Covid-19 cases were recorded in Vietnam's recent outbreak has resumed operations.

All businesses in the Cong Hoa industrial zone including Vietnam Poyun Electronics Co., Ltd. resumed operations Thursday after nearly two months of suspension due to Covid-19, the Hai Duong Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control said Thursday, local media reported.

Poyun Electronics, with around 2,200 workers, was where a 34-year-old employee became one of the first cases were recorded in a coronavirus wave that eventually swept 13 cities and provinces. She came into contact with a colleague who tested positive for the coronavirus upon arriving in Japan a few days prior.

Within a single day, January 28, 72 more Covid-19 cases were detected, all associated with Poyun Electronics. Chi Linh Town, where the firm is located, was then forced to enter lockdown until March 3. Throughout the entire wave, around 300 Covid-19 cases were employees of Poyun Electronics.

On Thursday, around 600 workers of Poyun had returned to work, according to a union representative of the company. The rest of the workers are either being treated for Covid-19 or are in quarantine, it was added.

Previously on Monday, around 2,885 workers at the industrial zone, including over 1,200 employees of Poyun Electronics, had their samples taken for Covid-19 testing. So far, all results have returned negative.

While businesses in Cong Hoa were allowed to resume operations, they would still have to undergo Covid-19 prevention measures like social distancing.

Throughout the third Covid-19 wave, Hai Duong is the nation’s biggest hotspot with 724 cases. Most industrial areas in the province have now resumed operations, with around 8,400 workers returning to work.

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