Suspect sewage pipes to blame for Da Nang fish genocide?

By Nguyen Dong   August 2, 2016 | 01:13 am PT
The culprit behind the incident remains a mystery, for now.

People strolling through 29/3 Park in Da Nang on Monday received a shock when they saw a large number of fish floating in the lake.

Tons of dead fish were subsequently trawled out of the lake, but a lingering smell remained.


 Thousands of dead fish floated to the surface of the lake in a park in Da Nang on August 1.


Tons of dead fish were collected, but more kept washing up.

Local resident Nguyen Lan Hoa told VnExpress: “Several years ago, I saw many fish swimming near the surface but this is the first time something like this has happened.” 


Some fishermen said that they noticed the water had turned yellow two days ago.


Dead fish drifted to the banks like plastic bags.


Phan Quang Khuong, head of the Environment Office in Thanh Khe District, said that the lake hadn’t been dredged for quite a long time, causing methane to build up and kill the fish.


Sewage is discharged directly into the lake.

Phuong said the pipes were used to discharge rainwater, but Da Nang hasn’t had rain for a week.


Dozens of environmental workers were sent to remove the dead fish. As reported by VnExpress, there were still tons of dead fish floating in the lake as of 5 p.m. yesterday.


Fish were loaded into large trucks to be transported for disposal.


Workers poured a mixture of lime powder and water into the lake to prevent the smell from worsening. The city’s Drainage and Wastewater Company took four samples from the lake to establish the cause of the incident, and will publish their findings in the next five days.

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