Sun Air and Gulfstream to host Vietnam’s luxury aircraft show

By Diep Anh   November 4, 2022 | 04:30 am PT
A private air show will be hosted by luxury Airline Gulfstream and Sun Air, a premium carrier of Sun Group, at Van Don International Airport from November 5-6.

The show, open for VIP customers of the two brands including businessmen and potential customers, will introduce ultra-rapid, secure, and luxurious aircraft from Gulfstream, a carrier brand favored by billionaires and businesspeople from around the world.

Airshow 2022 will mark an important milestone in the development of Vietnam's luxury tourism industry, high-end aviation industry, and global trade.

The exhibition will showcase two famous Gulfstream aircraft: G600 and G650ER which have garnered many awards in the aviation industry. These aircraft have outstanding performance and capacity to fly at high speeds, saving more than 50 flight hours annually with a cruise speed of Mach 0.90 (1,103km/h).

They can approach locations requiring advanced technology with the ability to take off and land in special ranges, setting standards for performance, safety and comfort.

Gulfstream also chose this event to introduce the Gulfstream G700 series to Asia and Vietnam for the first time.

According to the airline's representative, Gulfstream G700, which has the longest, widest, and highest cabin and can accommodate up to 19 passengers, is the market leader in the business jet segment.

The aircraft is designed for five flexible areas, including large rooms, kitchens and comfortable bathrooms.

Gulfstream G700 airliner. Photo by Gulfstream

Gulfstream G700. Photo by Gulfstream

According to Wayne Oedewalt, vice president of Gulfstream Asia Pacific, Vietnam has the potential to grow both in terms of business aviation as well as aviation in general.

"That is why Vietnam was chosen as the first destination in introducing the G700 to the Asian market," Wayne said.

He also emphasized that the airline strives to enhance passengers' flight experiences.

Gulfstream G700 aircraft interior. Photo by Gulfstream

Gulfstream G700 aircraft interior. Photo by Gulfstream

Airshow 2022 is anticipated to establish conditions to boost international trade operations, drawing foreign investors and entrepreneurs to Vietnam.

For the tourism industry, the event once again shows, as Cruise Passenger Magazine (Australia) said: "Vietnam is an attractive destination that has many world-class luxury services."

Gulfstream G700 aircraft interior. Photo by Gulfstream

Gulfstream G700 aircraft interior. Photo by Gulfstream

According to Dang Minh Truong, Sun Group’s chairman, the show not only marks a significant achievement for Sun Air but also proves that Vietnam is quickly becoming a new luxury destination for high-end travelers.

"By bringing the globally famous airline to reach promising customers, we want to promote trade in the high-end market, and at the same time become a bridge to bring Vietnam to the world and bring the world elite to Vietnam," said Truong.

"By introducing the internationally well-known airline to reach target customers, we want to increase trade in the high-end market and as well as attract the world's elite to Vietnam."

Sun Air is a general airline of Sun Group in the luxury segment. Photo: Sun Group

Sun Air is a general airline of Sun Group in the luxury segment. Photo by Sun Group

Sun Air, a joint airline in the luxury market that was launched in March, offers two types of tailored and specialized flight services: commercial services and management of private aircraft and charter flights, and sightseeing flights.

After six months, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam granted Sun Air the Certificate of Aircraft Operator (AOC) on September 29, with a scope of operation including both domestic and international, following verification to ensure complete compliance with stringent operating standards.

Sun Air's first Gulfstream G650ER aircraft went into service in September and October, setting the stage for the fleet's speed, safety and comfort.

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