South Koreans steal over $200,000 from Hanoi company safe

By Viet Dung   June 20, 2019 | 10:46 pm PT
One South Korean is facing charges and another is wanted for stealing over VND4.7 billion ($201,700) from a company safe.

Police in Hanoi said on Thursday they have launched criminal probe against Yoon Sanggi, 44, for "stealing property" and a search is on for Choi Taeyeol, 50.

Last October, Choi and Yoon plotted to steal from the company that employed Yoon. He provided the password for his accomplice to enter the company, while inviting his boss for lunch to create an alibi.

Choi took a car to the company and hired a lockpicker to open the company safe. They took VND900 million ($38,600), and $150,000 in cash and some savings books, worth a total of VND4.7 billion.

Yoon has reportedly confessed to the police that he plotted to steal the safe's contents.

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