Social media regulation - new communications minister's priority

By Xuan Hoa   April 13, 2016 | 04:53 pm PT
"Finding a suitable regulatory framework to turn social media into a useful tool is my top priority for this term," said newly appointed Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan.

Q- How do you feel about your appointment during the time of strong media development?

A-I feel so small before the path and responsibilities lying ahead. I'm also very touched for being entrusted to lead such an important sector.

Today, we live in the era of information technology boom. It has greatly benefited the society but it will also change some of our values. That is a real challenge which cannot be resolved over a short period of time.

Information technology is an important pillar of the media industry. To some extent, we have caught up with the world but we must continue to work hard so we're not left behind.


Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan. 

Q- Alongside traditional media channels, social media is a rich source of information. What's your take on the latter?

A- I admit we haven't found a way to regulate social media. This problem is not Vietnam's alone; other countries face it too.

Finding a suitable regulatory framework to turn social media into a useful tool is my top priority for this term. I will also prioritize the "Towards a healthy information society" action plan. It's going to be very difficult but I believe we can do it.

Q- How do you plan to achieve this goal?

A- I will continue the tasks and strategies set by the previous minister. They include draft master plans for national press development and management until 2025; digital transmission and digital terrestial television by 2020; training and development of information safety and security personnel by 2020; and national plan to develop telecommunications until 2020.

The other two important objectives I will pay special attention to are: completing legal documents so that the [revised] Press Law recently passed by the National Assembly could soon be executed; and research to develop Socia Media Law based on the spirit of Decree 72 [on management and provision of internet services and online content]. Furthermore, I want to encourage, build and support the start-up community in Vietnam.

There's a lot of work and difficulties but with the spiriti towards the common national goal, I will try to fullfil my responsibilities with support from the government and the public.

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