Skimpy outfit gets foreigner kicked out of Vietnam pagoda

September 15, 2016 | 01:58 am PT
Skimpy outfit gets foreigner kicked out of Vietnam pagoda
Visitors were wondering if she'd left the rest of her clothes at home.

A foreign woman was asked to leave a pagoda in Da Nang on Tuesday for wearing “impolite” clothes that included shorts and a bra-like top.

A video shared on Facebook showed a Vietnamese woman approaching the foreign tourist at Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang, saying that her outfit was “impolite” and “not good”.


The foreign woman who was asked to leave a Da Nang pagoda on September 13 for her skimpy clothes. Photo by VnExpress

Nguyen Thuy, the Vietnamese woman who posted the video on her Facebook page, said in the video that the outfit is not something one should wear to a pagoda or similar holy place in Vietnam.

The foreigner was seen making a light nod before she left. Her nationality was not identified.

Thuy, from Hanoi, said many visitors at the pagoda were staring at the foreigner’s outfit, but she was the only one who decided to speak up about it.

She said the tourist was surprised and left the main temple, but continued taking photos around the complex.

Vietnamese pagodas and temples do not impose a very strict dress code like those in nearby countries like Cambodia or Thailand, but visitors are asked to wear clothes that cover their knees and shoulders to show respect.

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