Sinkhole in Saigon entraps bus hours after fix

By Son Hoa   October 3, 2016 | 01:50 am PT
A ruptured pipe is believed to have caused the cavity on a main street in District 12.

A bus wheel falls into a sinkhole in Ho Chi Minh City Monday. Photo by VnExpress/A.X

A giant sinkhole formed in Ho Chi Minh City only hours after being filled up, entrapping a public bus on Monday morning.

People in District 12 noticed the hole of seven meters deep at a crossroads around 6 p.m. Sunday and an inspection team was sent to fix it overnight.

But the repair could not sustain the traffic for long. The street sank again under the pressure of the bus, which was waiting at a red light at around 9 a.m.

One of the rear wheels of the bus was caught in the cavity, of four meters wide and one meter deep.

Six panicked passengers were quickly moved out of the bus. A crane truck was then sent to pick up the vehicle.

Officials from District 12 said water from a ruptured pipe had caused the sinkhole in the first place.

The area has been cordoned off.

Here are some photos of the gaping hole before the fix:


Photos by VnExpress

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