School principal arrested for molesting boy students

By Pham Du, Duong Tam   December 16, 2018 | 04:45 am PT
School principal arrested for molesting boy students
Dinh Bang My, a school principal, has been arrested for alleged child sexual abuse. Photo courtesy of VTV
The principal of a boarding school in Phu Tho Province was arrested Saturday for alleged sexual abuse of students.

Stories about Dinh Bang My, principal of the Ethnic Boarding Middle and High School in the northern province, sexually assaulting many boys at his school for a long period of time has recently been reported by the media and on social media.

Some boys said My called them to his office purportedly to talk and then sexually assaulted them there.

It would end with him giving them candies or a few tens of thousands dong (some VND23,300=$1).

Fear and embarrassment deterred them from speaking up until now, they said.

Investigation found the abuse happened in several years.

Prior to his arrest, My had claimed on national television, VTV, that "in [our] boarding school, teachers always treat students like their own children, so something like that will never happen."

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