Sanofi again honored as 'Pioneering Company for Community'

By Hieu Chau   January 8, 2024 | 10:00 pm PT
Sanofi Vietnam was honored by Star of the Year 2023 organizers in the "Pioneering Company for Community" category for the second consecutive year.

The Star of the Year 2023 Gala took place at the Saigon Exhibition Convention Center (SECC) on Jan. 6 in the presence of nearly 300 artists and guests. In addition to individual awards for artists, the organizers paid tribute to units with outstanding CSR projects last year with the "Pioneer Business for Community" category.

Representatives of the organizers affirmed that this title is necessary to help spread the message of sharing good things with everyone and promoting positive change for the society and the environment.

Sanofi Vietnam, Uniqlo, and T&T Group were honored out of hundreds of businesses evaluated.

After the gala, Emin Turan, Country Lead of Sanofi Vietnam, assessed that the awards ceremony was well organized and attracted A-list stars. The most special feature is that there are many interesting categories, typically honoring businesses with meaningful community projects.

"We are very honored to be recognized in this category for the second time in a row, alongside two other businesses," said Turan. Sanofi has been present in the Vietnamese market for 70 years. Besides business activities, "efforts for the community" is also one of the guidelines for the sustainable development of businesses.

Emin Turan (R), General Director of Sanofi Vietnam, received the Pioneer Company for Community certificate at the Star of the Year 2023 Gala, on Jan. 6. Photo by Quynh Tran

Emin Turan (R), Country Lead of Sanofi Vietnam, receives the "Pioneer Company for Community" certificate at the Star of the Year 2023 Gala, on Jan. 6, 2024. Photo by Quynh Tran

Kevin Doak, General Manager of Consumer Health Care at Sanofi Vietnam, said the company is passionate about the "School Hygiene" project because of its humanity and practical meaning.

There have not been many projects that focused on building standard toilets and providing knowledge related to clean water for children and families in difficult northern mountainous areas.

"Following the success of 2022, in 2023, we developed the project in Dong Van, Ha Giang, where the team faced more difficulties than the previous location in terms of water source, infrastructure, and transportation," Doak said.

In addition to supporting the construction of 20 septic toilets for 20 schools, Sanofi Vietnam also joined hands to build three filter tanks for three schools.

"Looking back at the past year, we are proud to have helped about 5,000 teachers and students have the opportunity to use clean water, use standard toilets, and adopt good hygiene habits."

Doak affirmed his commitment to continue supporting Vietnam in sanitation and clean water projects.

"The program is not only of interest to the consumer health care industry at Sanofi Vietnam but is also one of the pilot projects of the entire region, realizing the commitment to accompany a series of sustainable and care activities. Taking care of people is more convenient and simpler," he added.

School Hygiene Project came to Dong Van, Ha Giang. Photo courtesy of Sanofi

Children of Dong Van, Ha Giang, and representatives of Sanofi's School Hygiene Project at a project's launching ceremony. Photo courtesy of Sanofi

Turan said Sanofi is one of the leading global health care corporations, always striving to accompany the community to build a healthier world.

The group's community strategy focuses on three key efforts.

First is to narrow the trust gap in healthcare, thereby contributing to improving quality of life. Sanofi's projects implemented in Vietnam in the past year include: providing 700 online learning accounts on Coursera for young people; supporting non-governmental organizations in implementing free health examinations and vaccinations for people in remote areas; providing clean water systems for kindergartens; and building septic toilets for primary and secondary school students in rural areas.

Second, the company strives to create conditions for people to access quality healthcare solutions focusing on research and development to invent solutions for unmet medical needs. Turan also mentioned the more than 25-year journey of Sanofi in supporting the treatment and care of patients with rare diseases in Vietnam.

"Finally, we are constantly working to minimize our environmental impact, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2025. Key milestones we have achieved at our manufacturing site and offices include transitioning to renewable energy, reducing CO2, water, and single-use plastic," he added.

Also at this event last year, Sanofi Vietnam won the category "Pioneer Company for Community" for "School Hygiene" project, in which it collaborated with the Hope Foundation to build 20 standard toilets for elementary and middle school students at 20 schools in Van Ho District, Son La Province.

The company also focuses on school hygiene training activities for students, teachers, and parents in order to help them form proper hygiene habits.

It also promotes communication to raise awareness about hygiene, hoping to help children integrate easily when studying and working in urban areas in the future, contributing to impacting the surrounding communities.

The business also empowers and supports children in loving homes. Photo courtesy of Sanofi

A Sanofi's representative (L) plays with children in Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Sanofi

With the theme "Unleashing," the "Star of the Year 2023" organizers continue to mark and honor artists with explosive activities. Explosive, inspiring, and contributing to innovation in the entertainment industry, it is highly appreciated by experts and loved by a large audience.

"Ngoi Sao Cua Nam 2023" (Star of the Year 2023) includes 11 awards divided equally into two groups of categories: arts and entertainment. Among them, the entertainment group has 20 nominations, with four categories "Beauty of the Year," "Couple of the Year," "Hot Mom," and "Hot Kid." The award was voted for by readers (60%) and professional council (40%).

The art category was voted on and evaluated entirely by the professional council. The "Phenomenon of the Year" was awarded to three artistic products corresponding to the fields of music, movies, and fashion.

Three "Inspirational Factor" awards honored impressive projects and characters who have a positive influence, motivating many people to pursue their dreams.

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