Pushed by truck, car crashes into barriers

By Minh Hy   December 26, 2022 | 03:01 am PT
As a car was about to pass a truck moving in the same direction along a Hanoi bridge, it was pushed to the barriers.

The car was on Thanh Tri Bridge that crosses the Red River in Hanoi last Saturday as it moved into the right lane from the middle lane in order to pass the truck ahead, as captured by the car’s dash cam.

However, when the car was about to move past, the truck turned on the signal light to move into the right lane and as a result, the car was pushed into the median barriers and crashed into the barriers before stopping.

Watching the video, VnExpress readers have been divided with one side blaming the car for the accident, saying that the car driver failed to pass the truck quickly and that the car was in the "blind spot" of the truck driver, while the other side said the truck did not turn on the signal light soon enough and the driver was "careless" when moving into the right lane suddenly.

A car is pushed by a truck and crashes into media barriers on Thanh Tri Bridge in Hanoi, December 24, 2022 as captured by the car's dash cam.

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