Province removes summit monument mistaking Vietnamese mountain as China's

By Khuong Van   May 17, 2018 | 02:21 am PT
The monument falsely named Vietnam’s Dai Binh Mountain after a Chinese mountain peak.

An image of a monument on the peak of a Vietnamese mountain in the Central Highlands has caused public uproar because it falsely displayed the name of a Chinese peak instead.

The monument was subsequently removed by authorities of Lam Dong Province from the top of Dai Binh Mountain, which rises 1,000m (3,300 ft) above sea level.

Tran Dai Binh, chairman of Dai Binh Travel which installed the monument, said that his only intention was to attract more visitors to the area.

He wanted the name “Thien Phong Dinh” (Top of the wind-mountain), instead of “Thien Phong Linh,” which translates to Tian Feng Ling, the main peak of Mount Hengshan in Datong, Shanxi, China.

Podium mispelles the name after a Chinese mountain. Photo acquired by VnExpress

The monument on top of Dai Binh Mountain which falsely names it after a Chinese peak. Photo acquired by VnExpress

“The construction worker accidentally misspelled the name, and I was not physically here during construction time to check the spelling,” he explained.

Binh said he only put up the monument temporarily. “This is just for taking picture purposes. I would not dare to put this monument here permanently without local government’s authorization,” he said.

Dai Binh Mountain near Bao Loc City, two and a half hours southwest of the popular resort town Da Lat, is a popular destination among photographers because the still relatively unknown spot offers spectacular views.

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