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Police hunt two bank robbers in central Vietnam

By Xuan Ngoc   September 6, 2018 | 03:55 am PT
Khanh Hoa police are searching for two men who robbed a bank Wednesday morning and escaped with bundles of cash.

Camera footage shows a man going very calmly into a bank with a handmade pistol, and putting bundles of cash into a bag without seeming to cause much disruption.

The robbery took place at a branch of the commercial lender Vietcombank on a street in Ninh Hoa Town, 45 minutes north of the popular resort town Nha Trang.

Both men had their heads, faces and hands covered.

One of them threatened the staff, mostly women, and chased after the guards with his gun while the other took the cash.

The two only ran when the alarm bell rang.

In the camera footage, the man driving the motorbike throws something to a third person, apparently a woman, who catches it and keeps walking as the two robbers get away on one motorbike. Reports have made no mention of the third person thus far.

Eye witnesses said one of the men dropped his gun in front of the bank before the other one fired two shots to threaten people around before they made their escape.

The staff at the bank only had enough time to throw a metal bar at the robbers.

The gun that one of the robbers drops in front of the bank when running away and the metal bar that staff at the bank throw at the robbers. Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Ngoc

The gun that one of the robbers drops in front of the bank when running away and the metal bar that staff at the bank threw at them. Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Ngoc

"The two robbers were too fierce, plus they had guns so no one dared to do anything,” said one witness, who added that the whole incident took little more than two minutes.

Police have seized the pistol and other evidence from the scene.

They said the rapid manner in which the two robbers operated showed they knew exactly where to get the money, which meant they’d done their homework and studied the office carefully.

Bank officials said no staff was hurt, but they could not reveal the amount of cash that was taken.

It has been reported that Vietcombank is unlikely to suffer any loss as it is insured as regulated.

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