Pokemon farming services sprout in Vietnam

By Bao Lam   August 10, 2016 | 02:27 am PT
Too busy to go out on the hunt? Let someone else do it for you.

Cheating and farming services to help Pokemon Go players who can’t find the time to go on the hunt have mushroomed just a few days after the game’s official launch in Vietnam.

“Seeing the online community go crazy for Pokemon Go, I took a look at it and quickly adopted the habit. However, being an office worker means I stay in my office and I don’t spend much time on the game, so I use farming services,” said Dang Tuan, a white-collar worker in Ho Chi Minh City.

Farming, in video games, is a term used to describe the act of repeatedly doing something to power up your account. In some games, this can be heavily time-consuming, and failure to do so lessens the whole gaming experience.


Pokemon Go farming

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“My friends started playing Pokemon Go before it was launched in Vietnam. Compared to them, my account doesn't have many strong Pokemon, so I bought some items at a low price on a Facebook fanpage to save time,” said Duy Phong, a student at Nguyen Tat Thanh University in HCMC.

Many groups and individuals offer farming services to those who don't have the time to do it themselves. Prices vary depending on what level users want to boost their accounts to. They start at VND3,000 ($0.13) for low levels, $0.36 each from level 10 - 20 and $0.9 - 1.35 per level from 20 up.

According to Nguyen Quan, an administrator for a Facebook group specializing in Pokemon Go, you can either use cheating apps or manual labor. Cheating apps here refer mostly to fake GPS apps used to take characters to places with many Pokemon or strong Pokemon, to Pokestop where they can collect Pokeball and Pokemon eggs or the Gym to mine Pokecoin without moving an inch off the couch. The manual farmers, on the other hand, farm while they’re out for a jog or a ride. Unlike cheaters, these manual farmers catch Pokemon regardless of their strength. The items collected are also less diverse.

Quan also warned against using cheating services or buying pre-farmed accounts because it may lead to accounts being blocked or removed. Letting other farm your account is also ill-advised.

Pokemon Go is the latest offshoot of the Pokemon franchise that centers around virtual reality and has taken the world by storm since its introduction. The game requires players to go outside and collect monsters called Pokemon.

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