Norwegian woman files rape charges after drunken night at Vietnam resort town

By VnExpress   March 28, 2017 | 12:17 am PT
She did not remember having sex, but the suspect said she gave her consent.

Police in the central province of Binh Thuan are investigating a rape case after a Norwegian woman filed a complaint saying she had been assaulted while she was drunk

The suspect has denied the charges and said that she gave her consent.

On Monday police said they had received a complaint from a 22-year-old woman, only identified as Myrvold L., who also provided test results that found sperm in her vagina, Phap Luat Online reported.

The woman said the assault happened when she and a group of international students were staying at a hotel in the resort town of Mui Ne last month.

On the night in question, the group had been having drinks at their hotel before heading out to a bar until the early hours of the morning.

She said she woke up at 11 a.m. and found herself in her hotel room. Her friends told her they had found her by the hotel swimming pool and carried her to her room.

She suspected that she had been raped, so her friends took her to a clinic where tests found sperm in her vagina.

Camera footage showed that she had taken a motorbike taxi after leaving the bar after midnight on February 25.

Police have questioned the 26-year-old driver, who said they had consensual sex.

A similar he-said-she-said sexual assault case was also brought to trial in the U.K. early this month, and the final verdict caused controversy when the jury decided to believe in what 'he' said.

University graduate Lewis Tappenden had to stand a five-day trial after an 18-year-old accused him of raping her. They met at a club in October 2015 and went back to her halls of residence, but she changed her mind and said "no" at the last minute, the jury at York Crown Court was told.

He was alleged to have held her down anyway and was only escorted out of the building after her friends alerted security, The Sun reported.

Prosecutor Tom Storey was quoted as telling the court that: “This case is a case of a woman’s right to change her mind and decide whilst she may initially have wanted something to happen, when it came to the crunch, she no longer wanted it to take place.”

But Tappenden said she had never said "no" and the jury decided that he was not guilty.

Last September, a lenient six-month jail term imposed on a former Stanford University swimmer for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman caused uproar in California, prompting state lawmakers to pass legislation to ban probation in similar assault cases and expand the definition of rape.

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