News - December 26, 2021 | 12:40 am PT

Motorcycle-riding Santa brings Christmas to disadvantaged children

This year, David Archibald, General Director of Al Naboodah International Vietnam, continued his "Special Mission" – as Santa Claus delivering gifts and necessities to disadvantaged children in Nha Trang.

Christmas Charity Ride 2021, an annual event organized by Al Naboodah International Vietnam, officially kicked off from Dec. 17 to 19, continuing its community-oriented tradition.

Hundreds of riders and philanthropists together traveled the full distance of 1100 kilometers via intercity roads and challenging passes from Saigon to Nha Trang, delivering Christmas joy and long-awaited support to disadvantaged highlands children at Phat Buu Temple Shelter - Ninh Hoa and SOS Children's Village.

The ride not only brought together over 150 Harley-Davidson, Triumph, KTM and Husqvarna motorcycle owners but also riders of other motorcycle clubs and brands.

Organized by Al Naboodah International Vietnam every December continuously for the past five years, Christmas Charity Ride claims to be the largest motorcycle charity event in Vietnam. Looking back at the five-year journey, David Archibald, General Director of Al Naboodah International Vietnam, said Christmas Charity Ride has grown so much from only a dozen of bikers in 2016 to over 150 this year.

Thanks to the growth of the event, Christmas Charity Ride 2021 was able to have the support and sponsor by major motorcycle groups, business partners and philanthropists from across the country. The amount of donation and charity goods received was unexpectedly doubled in comparison to 2019.

In total, Al Naboodah International Vietnam succeeded in raising almost 35.000 USD, which was then converted to approximately five tons of food supplies, essential goods, school stationery and electronics. All was thoroughly prepared and nicely packaged in accordance with specific demands of the two charity locations in need.

"The Christmas Ride this year would be more meaningful and fulfilling for motorcycle enthusiasts to get out of their houses and enjoy after a long period of Covid-19 restrictions," Archibald said.

To ensure the safety of all participants, Al Naboodah International Vietnam conducted Covid-19 tests at the showrooms of Harley-Davidson and Triumph Motorcycles before the tour, and issued result certificates. Participants were requested to submit a certificate of negative test results conducted within 72 hours. Covid-19 preventive measures were also guaranteed throughout the journey.

Combining motorcycle riding passion with charity, Christmas Ride offers participants different experiences. "First is the pleasure of riding a motorcycle through the safest and best roads, and second, the fulfillment of doing charitable work. It is a journey of freedom and enjoyment," the General Director shared.

Christmas Ride 2019 and 2020 took riders to Da Lat, passing through Tuyen Lam Lake Resort, Ta Nung Commune, lush green tea hills, flower nurseries and pine forests, while Christmas Ride this year offered riders breathtaking views of the coastline of Nha Trang. Bikers regardless of groups and brands all gathered for one purpose – helping children in need. Moreover, this is not only an opportunity to give more to those in need, but also a perfect chance for bikers to get together and uphold the true biker spirit.

"When children receive their presents, their eyes seem to want to say: "Is it really mine?", their body language shows that they are really excited. That is what makes you feel truly fulfilled when you are able to help somebody," Archibald said.

He recalled Christmas Charity Ride 2019, when a customer of Al Naboodah International Vietnam found the children were in great need of physical exercise. The company then decided to construct a playground with a rubber surface, swings, and other amenities.

"For two years, the playground has been used by many children. That's the goal of our charity work, to make a huge impact."

Al Naboodah International Vietnam has been working hard to be the leading and most professional motorcycle distributor in Vietnam and social responsibility is a part of it. That explains its continuous support and hosting of the sixth Christmas Charity Ride and counting.

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