Mongolian container ship capsizes in HCMC

By Dinh Van   April 26, 2021 | 02:07 am PT
Mongolian container ship capsizes in HCMC
A Mongolian ship is capsized at the Hiep Phuoc Port in HCMC's Nha Be District, April 26, 2021. Photo courtesy of the HCMC Maritime Administration.
A Mongolian vessel capsized in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday, sending dozens of containers overboard.

The ship, spanning 72 meters and weighing 2,500 tons, was anchored at Hiep Phuoc Port of Nha Be District before embarking for Indonesia. However, it capsized at 9 a.m., with its port-side underwater. Berthing ropes managed to keep the rest of the vessel afloat.

Among the 54 containers onboard, 18 fell into the Soai Rap River, with some floating around and others washed ashore about a kilometer away. There were no casualties. Container cargo has yet to be confirmed.

The HCMC Maritime Administration is trying to locate the sunken containers for recovery purposes, while instructing other ships entering and exiting the port to utilize alternate routes for safety reasons.

An investigation is ongoing.

In 2019, another vessel carrying 285 containers also capsized on the Long Tay River of Nha Be District. It took authorities about a month to remove around 150 tons of oil released by the incident and recover the stricken ship.

Containers fall from a Mongolian ship as it capsizes at Hiep Phuoc Port in HCMC's Nha Be District, April 26, 2021. Video by VnExpress.

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