Mike Tyson heads to Vietnam to join cast of Asian movie

By That Son   July 5, 2016 | 08:57 pm PT
Mike Tyson heads to Vietnam to join cast of Asian movie
Mike Tyson plays the villain, confronted by a character played by actor and producer Tran Bao Son in the Asian drama 'Girls 2'.
"Iron Mike" will be pulling no punches in his role in a Chinese romantic drama.

After his recent performance in Hong Kong biographical martial arts movie “Ip Man 3”, Tyson will join the cast of "Girls 2" – a new film directed by Hong Kong director Barbara Wong Chun Chun  along with well-known Asian stars.

The former boxing champion will play a villain who will be confronted by Vietnamese actor and producer Tran Bao Son's character.

The first scenes of "Girls 2" will be filmed after its crew holds a press conference in Ho Chi Minh Cit about the movie. Most of the cast were scheduled to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City on July 7.

"Girls 2" is a psychology-comedy drama which revolves around a story of love and hate. All of its scenes will be filmed in Vietnam and it is scheduled for release on Christmas Eve in Hong Kong and Asian markets, before apprearing in domestic theaters.

The film’s director Wong Chun Chun has been an actor, writer and director of many film projects, including "Women's Private Parts", "The Runaway Pistol", "Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat" and "Protégé de la Rose Noire". She has also won a number of awards for "Breakup Club" and "Girls".

Mike Tyson to star opposite Donnie Yen in  Ip Man 3  .

Mike Tyson stars with Donnie Yen in 'Ip Man 3'.

Mike Tyson, the infamous boxing champion nicknamed "Iron Mike", held the undisputed world heavyweight championship and the record as the youngest boxer to have won multiple heavyweight titles.

After retiring, he has been making waves lately with appearances in franchise films such as "The Hangover" and "Scary Movie 5". In 2015, Tyson starred in martial arts flick "Ip Man 3" as the boss of an underground boxing club. On March, 2016, he received the Promising Actor award at a film festival held in Macau for his role in "Ip Man".

Besides Tyson, "Girls 2" will bring together Hong Kong and Taiwanese stars such as Janine Chang, Ivy Chen and Fiona Sit. In addition, Li Wen Han, a member of a popular Chinese – South Korean boy band in Asia, also joins the cast, along with other seasoned Chinese actors.

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