Man stuck in 30-cm crevice while retrieving phone in central Vietnam

By Hung Le   June 2, 2024 | 12:48 am PT
Police in Ha Tinh Province have rescued a man after he got stuck down a gap 30 cm wide and 2 meters deep between two walls.

Around 8:50 p.m. on Saturday Hoang Phuc Sen, 53, residing in Ha Tinh City in the namesake province, dropped his phone into the gap between his and the neighboring house.

Sen removed a window frame, climbed down into the gap to pick up the phone, and got trapped between the concrete foundations.

He had difficulty breathing and cried for help, and his family members tried to pull him up but to no avail.

Upon receiving the report, dozens of officers from the province’s rescue force arrived on the scene. They used an electric fan pointed at the location where Sen was stuck to provide air and comfort him.

The police then grabbed his right hand and clothes, and together they pulled him up.

The man was safely rescued after about 30 minutes and was deemed stable with only minor scrapes and signs of weakness due to lack of oxygen.

Hoang Phuc Sen is rescued from being stuck between two walls in Ha Tinh Province, June 1, 2024. Video by VnExpress/Hung Le

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