Man steals $48,400 from mistress, gives to wife

By Ngoc Truong   January 12, 2022 | 01:19 am PT
Man steals $48,400 from mistress, gives to wife
Luu Manh Tuan, 32, is held at a Da Nang police station for allegedly stealing VND1.1 billion after compromising the bank account of a woman. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Ho
A man in Da Nang has been detained after stealing around VND1.1 billion ($48,458) from his lover and giving it to his wife.

Luu Manh Tuan, 32, is being investigated for appropriation of property using a computer network, telecommunications network, or electronic device, police of Thanh Khe District stated Tuesday.

Tuan met Hoa, 31, online back in December 2021. After half a month of communication, Hoa, who lives in the northern province of Yen Bai, fell in love with Tuan and both agreed to meet in Da Nang.

They stayed at a hotel in Thanh Khe District. During this time, Hoa opened an online bank account into which to deposit over VND1.1 billion.

Tuan watched Hoa opening her account and remembered the details, including her password. On Jan. 4, Tuan borrowed his lover's phone, saying he needed to download an app. Hoa gave her phone to Tuan and then went to bed.

Tuan then used Hoa's phone to log into her account, then sent all the money to his wife. He said his wife used VND185 million to pay off debts, put VND500 million into a savings account and withdrew VND443 million in cash.

The next morning, Tuan said he had to go for a diagnosis and cut contact. Tuan never returned to the hotel, so Hoa got suspicious. When she checked her bank account again, she was locked out as her original password had expired.

When Hoa visited the bank on Jan. 6, she was informed her money had been transferred to another account. She then reported the incident to police.

Tuan was arrested while staying at a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City’s Go Vap District. Tuan’s wife has also been summoned.

So far, VND770 million have been regained by police. An investigation is ongoing.

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