Man gets jail for sneaking into Vietnam and infecting people with Covid

By Song Minh   July 16, 2021 | 11:00 pm PT
Man gets jail for sneaking into Vietnam and infecting people with Covid
Dao Duy Tung stand trials in northern Hai Duong Province for spreading Covid-19 to other people, July 16, 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Manh Hung.
A man who sneaked into the country from Laos and ended up infecting two people with the new coronavirus has been jailed for 18 months in Hai Duong Province.

Dao Duy Tung, 32, was sentenced Friday for "spreading dangerous infectious diseases."

Prosecutors said he had illegally entered Laos on April 5, but could not find a job there amid a worsening Covid-19 situation, and decided to return home later that month.

He again traveled illegally by hiding himself in a container truck.

On April 30 his relatives in Laos informed him that someone he had been in contact with in that country had tested positive for Covid and advised him to get tested, but he did not.

He stayed with his girlfriend in Hai Phong City and traveled across five localities. He soon began to show Covid symptoms, his girlfriend told him to get tested, but he again refused, delaying it until May 4.

He returned to his hometown in Hai Duong and tested positive, but by then he had already transmitted the virus to two others: his girlfriend and her colleague.

He recovered after two weeks.

Authorities in Hai An Ward, Hai Phong, said it had cost almost VND900 million (almost $40,000) to contact trace people and isolate and test them while Hai Duong Province said he had caused expenses of more than VND2.4 billion for disease prevention and control efforts.

Tung admitted to all charges, and expressed remorse for infecting other people.

The court ruled that his behavior had been dangerous to society and affected the life and health of others and violated human disease prevention and control laws.

But it said it considered extenuating circumstances, including the fact he is a past winner of the Glorious Fighter Medal as a police officer.

Since he is currently unemployed and has no regular place to live, it waived fines.

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